Its Dark Outside.

This image was taken late at night with a high ISO setting. I did use the on camera flash for a little help with picking up some of the detail in the brick. What do you guys think?



Lights out!

Shooting in the dark provides its own set of challenges when adjusting your cameras settings. The first step I start out with before every shoot is to adjust the ISO setting and then dial in my aperture and  shutter speed. When you are shooting for an image such as the one above I would suggest setting your ISO around 3200.

Light isn’t always your friend…

Light Leaves

Light can make you or break you! Too much of it will over expose your image and too little… well lets just say what you can see well you just can’t see.  This is a photo I captured this fall on campus as you look at the image you can see that it almost has too much light. I am standing underneath of the tree looking up into the sun. The leaves appear to glow and almost seem to be producing light. This image took me several shots for me to be happy with the end results. Tell me what you guys think?