Lights out!

Shooting in the dark provides its own set of challenges when adjusting your cameras settings. The first step I start out with before every shoot is to adjust the ISO setting and then dial in my aperture and  shutter speed. When you are shooting for an image such as the one above I would suggest setting your ISO around 3200.


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  1. nice photo, I has a photographer and DMD student as well find these things interesting, I have to say before i bought my camera (D7000) i wasn’t that interested in photography but after the class, and after learning how to use all the functions on my camera and learning to set the settings to the right thing i’ve gained an interest in the field and even considered it a career. before i was interested i’d prob look at that photo as just another photo, wouldn’t even think twice, after my gained interest i stop and think, thats a good shot, proper settings like aperture iso and shutter speed make a photographer an artist

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