Here is another image taken with my iPhone. This is an anchor for a suspension bridge in SC. Below is the view from the bridge. What do you think?

Color Overload.

How you crop an image and the angle the photo is taken from can help it make a statement or give it some attitude.  The texture and corresponding of the metal plate I what I enjoy most about this image.

Crop Away.

I took this photo in Greenville, SC this summer with my iPhone 4. It isn’t near the quality of my DSLR but I like it none the less. I think before i would submit my image I would need to crop the scoreboard and light out of the image. What do you think?

Its Dark Outside.

This image was taken late at night with a high ISO setting. I did use the on camera flash for a little help with picking up some of the detail in the brick. What do you guys think?  

Sometimes Less is MORE.

I would really like some feed back on this photo. I took it to one of my photography professors for their thoughts and now I want yours.

Oil Lampin’

  Shutter Speed plays a large part of how the final image turns out.  Try slowing your shutter blowing on the flame to achieve results like this one.